We have over 30 years of metal detecting experience in one of the most archeologically rich counties in England, Norfolk (North Folk) England. Our Metal Detecting Vacations in England offer an extremely high potential for finds, expert advice for the novice to seasoned metal detectorist and a personal touch from the minute you arrive in England and until the minute we return you for your departure back home.
We will make Treasure Hunting England a pleasure! As you navigate through this website please make sure you check out the Gallery section which is under the drop menu heading of News From The Tours, The website is also mobile friendly but I believe it’s best viewed from a desktop computer or large tablet.

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Aerial Views Of The Landscape & The Guys.

What we offer:

  • Stress free transportation from arrival to departure
  • Hotel with free Wifi, aircon rooms and buffet breakfast included

  • Personal tour guides born & raised in Norfolk
  • Daily transportation to/from the fields, And the Minibus stays in the field, Handy if heavy rain comes our way!
  • Best potential for finds from Bronze Age, Celtic, Roman, Anglo Saxon, Viking, Medieval & later periods
  • Access to more than 34 historic farms covering over 12,400+ acres of ancient soil and growing every month!
  • Many of our sites have never had a metal detectorist’s footprint on them
  • Excellent track record of finds as shown in our picture gallery & previous tour group feedback pages
  • On site expert to identify finds as they come up to keep you focused on hot spots
  • Table & chairs provided with tea and coffee and ice served through the days detecting right in the field
  • Digging spades (28 1/2 Inches long or 73cm) and 2x high end detectors provided if needed – on first come first served basis

Please click here to find out more on how to book an exciting metal detecting experience.

Just Some Of The Finds, Please Click On Images To Enlarge Them, Please Also View The Gallery Page