The Smile That Celtic, Roman & Medieval Gold Brings To One's face!

You are well on your way to booking the most exciting England Treasure Hunting trip of a lifetime. We are not a run of the mill tour group that will take you to sites that have been detected for years, We don’t have hundreds of guests a year either, We run three separate groups a year so you won’t bump into another group in a field you’re detecting in! We have spent hundreds of hours researching our sites and securing exclusive permission from the land owners for our small metal detecting groups, We also keep adding new farm land every year, To keep it fresh and exciting, I personally love new land you just never know what you’ll find.

Please let me introduce myself and my better half. I am Steve Elden and my partner Hayley Watson.  We will ensure your trip has that perfect personal touch. We strive to make sure you will enjoy every minute of your English Treasure Hunting experience.

We normally visit a top Chinese Restaurant in Attleborough, Once or twice during the trip, It’s “All You Can Eat” And they cook fresh what you order! Cost is £15.95 per head, Here’s some photo’s,

Here is more of what we offer;

  • Early morning pick up at your hotel at 8.30 then we’ll collect the days food at a nearby supermarket
  • A different field every day until the group hits a hot spot and return the next day is voted for by the group
  • Expert finds identification service.  I have studied English Coins & Antiquities for 2 decades
  • Museum service recording of finds over 300 years old (Guarantee’s you know what you’ve found and accurate date of finds & detailed information)
  • Export licenses of all historic finds over 50 years old (We take care of all export licenses and paperwork)
  • We will be on site with you the whole time every day and serving refreshments, The minibus will be in the field to, incase of rain
  • Return transportation to your hotel (leave field around 5.30pm time)

Here’s what to expect on your tour! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or special requests.

What is included;

  • Export Licenses and identification of finds by myself & Museum service, And postage of finds back to your home (subject to weight)
  • All road transport UK side
  • Lodgings/accommodation
  • Plenty of land to metal detect on (pick up at hotel at 8.30am and depart field at 5.30pm)
  • Coffee/tea & light refreshments in the field
  • Two Backup detectors in case yours fails or available for hire

What is not included;

  • Food & Alcoholic Beverages
  • Airfares to/from England

Great Bunch Of People!

Please click the “contact us” in the top menu to ask questions and book your Metal Detecting England Treasure Hunting Experience!